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Many companies use “machine powered by artificial intelligence” as a market trait, it has become a hyped word with many times little to no meaning. Simple linear regressions are sometimes described as the pinnacle of nowadays AI. Easai’s consulting services looks at your manufacturing processes and machines and identifies where using deep learning and machine learning techniques along with IOT can really accelerate your business with a logical return on investment (ROI). We only utilise AI or IOT when there is a strong impact and not because of the hype around the technologies. In most cases using AI will not give a significant advantage but in some good cases it can give an extreme boost. AI really comes in to play when a high mix low volume is manufactured, than smart software can really give an added advantage such that one machine can handle many product types.

AI & IOT Seminars

Since we are a big advocate of knowledge sharing with the quote: “give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime”. We love to share our knowledge on how to implement deep learning systems on industrial machines. By giving seminars we transfer practical knowledge on how to implement deep learning & IOT based solutions with python such that your software is not a black box but you can shape it to your continuously changing needs. Furthermore we give a helicopter view of were artificial intelligence is currently at and what are the main branches of AI.

AI & IOT consulting seminars

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